of the Rainbow

Pieces of the Rainbow Email Cover

Sharing stories The Center has touched
through advocacy.

Vawn in Case Management

Vawn had been sick for months and needed assistance to get back on his feet. Through The Center’s case management program, we assisted him with food insecurity. 

Kit from Summer Camp & His Mom Ryvyn

Kit was ecstatic to share his memories from the summer camp! Ryvyn also opened up about the importance of the Pride Center in San Antonio. 

Jacky from BIPOC Support Group

Jacky is a major advocate for our queer BIPOC support group and has referred it to a bunch of their friends. Learn about their story and why support groups are so important.

Ace from Counseling

Ace has utilized our free counseling services. He opens up about our quality gender-affirming care and how The Center is flexible to schedule sessions when he needed them most.

Autumn from Counseling

Autumn opens up about our free therapy services and how important it is for a queer person to have support and feel seen within San Antonio.

Moss from the Youth Conference

Moss’ first pride event was our Youth Empowerment Conference! He shares his experience about talking in an enriching environment about faith and spirituality, his identity journey, and the importance of having spaces where LGBTQ+ youth can be comfortable being themselves.