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Quick Tips to Prepare for a Favorable Marriage Ruling

June 25, 2015

TexasOutline‘Decision Day’ is closer now more than ever. Same-gender couples’ could likely be granted the right to marry, even in the great State of Texas. The next SCOTUS Decision Days are slated for Friday, June 26th or Monday, June 29th.


Sources tell us that Bexar County will be ready to issue marriage licenses within 30 minutes of a favorable SCOTUS decision. Please keep in mind the actual time may vary depending upon any quick legal directives that may need to be handed down by Federal Judge Orlando Garcia here locally.


Once the “green light” is given, here are some quick tips before heading to the County Clerk’s office to get your marriage license.


  • You must have your current, valid picture IDs
  • You must have your social security numbers (card not required)
  • You must certify you are not married in any other state or country
  • You must have $81.00 (cash only)
  • You must request 72 hour waiver if you want to get married immediately/same day.


Once you get your license and request the waiver, you will be directed to Room 109. Once there, Judge Pozza will likely be presiding and is ecstatic to sign off on your request.


Couples seeking to get married on Decision Day are invited to join Equality Texas & Freedom to Marry for an Interfaith Celebration hosted by Good Shepherd Lutheran Church at 6pm. They are located at 1630 Goliad Rd., San Antonio Texas 78223.


They’ll have several faith leaders and officiants on hand performing individual wedding ceremonies for each couple at no charge. Light horderves and a champagne toast.


For more information on the Interfaith Celebration click here. 


Another event in celebration will be at the Bexar County Courthouse hosted by HRC San Antonio. Weddings will not be performed at this event but they will have a several officials speaking as well as HRC leadership.


For more information on the Bexar County Courthouse – HRC event click here. 


We support both events and hope that you’ll attend one of them to show your solidarity. Lets show that equality matters in San Antonio. Following both events the unofficial celebration spot is Luther’s Cafe, located on North Main.


Looking forward to seeing you.


Questions, concerns or issues? Please visit: TEXAS DECISION DAY RESOURCE CENTER. 



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