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These 100% tax-deductible gifts go toward providing the LGBTQ+ community of San Antonio access to health programs, wellness, initiatives and support groups.

Through our case management programs, peer-to-peer support groups and general events, we touch thousands of LGBTQ+ lives annually. With our recurring gifts, we are able to provide consistent programming to our community.

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Welcome to the $5 from 500 Club!

For the same price as your favorite streaming service, you can change the lives of LGBTQ+ people in San Antonio. Help fund our case management, group therapy and LGBTQ+ affirming events.

If you donate $5 a month (or more) through 12 months, you’ll receive; our annual lapel pin, commemorative Pride Center T-Shirt and Invitation to our Donor Appreciation Party.

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Welcome to the Pride Center Family!

Family, it’s what the LGBTQ+ community has called each other for years. When folks don’t know where to turn, we step up to assist the most resilient of our population. Through monthly donations like yours we combat our Family’s most difficult obstacles: 

  • 46% of LGBTQ+ people in San Antonio avoided seeing a healthcare professional this year. 
  • 30% of LGBTQ+ people in San Antonio have been refused treatment by a healthcare provider because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • 25% of LGBTQ+ people in San Antonio reported being fired or asked to resign from a job because of their gender identity or sexual orientation.
  • 54% of transgender and nonbinary people in San Antonio don’t know where to turn to find gender-affirming services. 
  • 10% of LGBTQ+ people in San Antonio say their family doesn’t know about their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

Invest in the lives of San Antonio’s LGBTQ+ community. Together, we will provide case management, counseling and group therapy services.

Join the dozens of Family members who support the fight in providing effective health and wellness care. By being a recurring donor for 4 months, you’ll receive a variety of benefits, including: 

Contributing to our ongoing services 

Pride Center t-shirt

Annual lapel pins

Invitation to our donor appreciation party

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Make a Bequest, Donation in Your Will, and Estate Planning

Below is sample text that can be used to leave a bequest or a donation from your will or estate. Fill in the percentage you wish to donate and the types of projects or organizations that you’d like your donation to support.

Since every situation is different, we recommend you consult a lawyer or estate planning professional to ensure that your wishes are properly noted in accordance with your local, state, and/or national laws.

The Trustee shall distribute a pecuniary amount equal to ______ percent (##.#%) of the Settlor’s Entire Estate to Pride Center San Antonio, Inc., a nonprofit, non-stock Texas corporation with its principal offices in San Antonio, Texas, to be disbursed to projects set to empower San Antonio’s LGBTQ+ community. The Settlor understands and intends that should the purpose for which this gift is instituted cease to exist, then Pride Center San Antonio, Inc. may devote this gift for such other uses and purposes as it determines to be in accordance with the Settlor’s original intent in making this gift. If Pride Center San Antonio, Inc. does not exist at the time of distribution, then this gift shall be made to one or more Charitable Organizations selected by the Trustee that work in the areas of ______________.