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Angulo & Zepeda Family Support Pride Center San Antonio

May 1, 2016

Dear Community,


My family and I are just like anyone elses. We hurt, we laugh, we cry, we fear, and we love.


We enjoy attending Pride Center San Antonio events because of the diversity of the families. Many different forms of family can come together and share an event. We are a melting pot of human beings that normally would not engage. Because of this, we are able to expand our sense of community.


Having an organization like The Center be part of the community makes it possible for us to experience events like we did in San Francisco and Key West. We want our children to be accepting of individuals regardless of how they look or whom they love. We want our children to consider a person by their character and nothing else. The Center puts on events where our children learn to see that we are all created equal and our families are very much like others; loving, accepting, forgiving, and supportive.


So many LGBTQ people feel lost and hopeless. The Center creates a neutral place for others to seek guidance and support. Just as one has access to a doctor when they are sick, everyone should have resources to turn to when they are in need. Whether new to the community or a veteran, there is so much that each of us has to offer one another. The Community Resource Center provides that hope.


Easter Family Pic (daughter)We love to attend family events like the LGBTQ Easter Egg Hunt and the Fall Family Festival events because it gives others including allies an opportunity to see the fun the children are having. They look to the parents and see the signs & pride flags and realize “this is a gay event.” We love to see the look on their faces as it registers that the majority of the families are same sex and our children are well rounded, loving, accepting and happy. Events like this show others that we are just like any other families. Our children’s safety and happiness comes above anything else.


We encourage the San Antonio community to support Pride Center San Antonio so they can expand the programs and events offered to the community.


We can “Build Our Community Together” by donating to The Center during San Antonio’s 24-hours of giving. Support #PrideCenterSA by visiting the #BGSA2016 website and donating on Tuesday, May 3rd.




The Angulo & Zepeda Family

Mariela, Yvonne, Gael, Salma, Ryker, Jensen, and Soren

Easter Family Pic 1


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