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Voting While Trans #IllVoteWithYou

October 21, 2016


For many transgender Texans voting can be daunting and often times difficult. Navigating the complex and often inappropriate questions you get about your gender identity coupled with Texas’ complex voter ID laws can make for a less than favorable experience. Now more than ever it’s critical that all American’s voices are heard and this includes our transgender citizens.


We want you to be able to vote with ease when you get to your polling location. To help you maneuver through this process we’ve put together a quick and easy informational sheet for Voting While Trans. Included in our info sheet is a helpful checklist for Election Day, listing of acceptable forms of ID, and information for poll workers and election officials should you encounter any problems.


As an added measure, we’re prepared to go with you to the polls. We have volunteers that have said, #IllVoteWithYou. Simply call us at 210-370-PRIDE (7743) or email us at to schedule a ride to the polls.


Early voting in Bexar County begins Monday, October 24th through Friday, November 4th and general election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. Click here for early voting locations and hours. 


*Ride to the Polls is available to all LGBTQ+ and ally citizens in Bexar County.


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