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San Antonio LGBTQ Resiliency Project Moves Into Next Phase

June 14, 2018

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June 13, 2018   


San Antonio Resiliency Project Moves Into Next Phase


San Antonio, Texas – From local and state to national news, LGBTQ+ people are at the forefront of conversations across America. Supreme Court rulings, memorials for Orlando’s 2016 massacre, and Texas’ continued assault on LGBTQ+ people by elected officials are all examples of the barriers that must be overcome by LGBTQ+ people to live productive and happy lives as their authentic-selves.  With an ability to design research to meet urgent community needs—and to directly apply that research to create change— the San Antonio Resiliency Project now known as Strengthening Colors of Pride moves into its next phase.


The Interdisciplinary Research Leaders, led by the University of Minnesota with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation includes Robert Salcido, Jr., Pride Center San Antonio, Dr. Phillip Schnarrs, University of Texas at San Antonio, and Dr. Amy Stone, Trinity University. Together they have formed a community advisory board made up of representatives from local LGBTQ+ serving organizations as well as individual community stakeholders.

CAB Members Inaugural Meeting (not all members pictured)

Community Advisory Board Members include: Aurelio Alcocer, Beat AIDS; Greg Casillas, Thrive Youth; Carol Collins, First Unitarian Universalist Church; Andrea Figueroa, Martinez Street Women’s Center; Barbie Hurtado; Brian Jantz, Fiesta Youth; Elizabeth Lutz, Health Collaborative; Alan Mauricio, San Antonio AIDS Foundation; Ivalis Meza, City of San Antonio – Office of Mayor; Jay Podjenski, City of San Antonio – Office of Councilman Roberto Trevino; Luka Rios, Alamo Area Resource Center; Cherise Rohr-Allegrini; Graciela Sanchez, Esperanza Peace & Justice Center; Ashley Smith, San Antonio Gender Association; Courtney Wai, City of San Antonio – Office of Equity; and Jamie Zapata.


“This project allows us to learn what makes San Antonio’s LGBTQ+ community resilient,” says Robert Salcido, Pride Center San Antonio executive director. “By identifying current capacity, including gaps in community needs, we can create programming as well as policy initiatives that will impact the quality of life and health of the LGBTQ+ community for years to come.”


The project has moved into the next phase of research with a goal of interviewing people from San Antonio’s diverse LGBTQ+ community. These interviews will help inform a larger scale citywide survey that will ultimately aid in shaping the narrative of what and who make up San Antonio’s LGBTQ+ community. We are seeking LGBTQ+ people, especially people of color and those of trans and gender expansive experience, to share their experiences with us in a confidential, one hour interview. Participants will be compensated a $40 gift card for their time. Interested people are asked to take a quick survey to determine their eligibility. 

Are you LGBTQ? Do you live in San Antonio? Do you want to help your community and make money? Share your experiences with us in a confidential one-hour interview and receive a $40 gift card. The following link will take you to a quick survey to determine your eligibility. Once you have taken the survey, we will contact you to set up an interview.

Eres parte de la comunidad LGBTQ+? Vives en San Antonio? Quieres ayudar a tu comunidad? Quieres hacer dinero? Comparte con nosotros tus experiencias en una entrevista confidencial de una hora y recibe una tarjeta visa de regalo de $40 dólares. La siguiente link te llevara a una breve encuesta para determinar tu elegibilidad. Después de que tomes la encuesta te contactaremos para programar una entrevista.


Media Contacts:                             

Robert Salcido, 210-857-6928

Dr. Phillip Schnarrs, 724-422-8460

Dr. Amy Stone, 210-325-6117


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