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Community Emergency Fund

April 8, 2020

The fate of San Antonio’s LGBTQ community that does not work in places deemed “essential” businesses and those who make their livings in the service-industry, to include gig workers, performers, and consultants, are facing near-certain hardships ahead.

Current shelter-in-place orders have our city closed at least through April 9, with a likely extension to April 30 in the coming days. This unprecedented closing time has led The Center to start the LGBTQ+ Emergency Fund, to give a hand up and to guarantee the wellbeing of San Antonio’s LGBTQ+ community.

To ensure that the fund provides sufficient relief to affected individuals, we will have an application process for lifeline expenses to be considered for this emergency assistance. 
Those eligible to receive emergency assistance from the fund include: 
  1. LGBTQ+ identified persons
  2. Must have been laid off due to the temporary closing of your place of employment and/or 
  3. Suffered a loss in hours due to the temporary closing or reduction in work from your place of employment.
  4. Resides in San Antonio/Bexar County  
  5. Applicants should be considered low- to moderate- income for the San Antonio area. 
  6. If selected, applicants will be required to provide additional documentation to support their application before funding is processed.
A life-line expense that would be considered is: 
  • Rent
  • Electricity, Gas
  • Basic Telephone / Internet Service
  • Food (normal basic maintenance)

*Due to an anticipated high volume, phone calls will not be accepted to check the status of applications. Please direct all questions related to the emergency fund to


Note: If you are not in need of assistance, we are still actively fundraising to meet the needs of our community. Thanks to a generous community match offer, we are matching dollar for dollar up to $5,000.

Our ask to you:

  1. Community members, businesses, and others that are financially able to contribute, to please consider making a donation to the LGBTQ+ Community Emergency Fund. Whether $5, $50, or $500, any amount will go towards helping our fellow community members experiencing a challenge at this time. 
  2. Please share with your friends and family. Know of a business that would like to contribute please share this with them or let us know. 

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