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Express Yourself: Gender Diverse Makeup Tutorials

April 9, 2021

Explore the world of makeup with the San Antonio Public Library and The Pride Center! Local makeup artists will share their tips and techniques during this online series. Open to anyone looking to explore their gender expression in a safe space through the use of makeup.

Session 1: All Things Skin – 4/20/21  6 – 7 PM

All About Skin will be led by Chibbi Orduña and Liz Gates covering the basics of skin care and foundation. Register here!


Session 2: Advanced Highlight and Contour – 4/23/21  1 – 2 PM

Advanced Highlight and Contour will be led by Red and J, going over how to create definition through contouring. Register here!


Session 3: Eyes and Lips: Different Looks – 4/27/21  6 – 7 PM

Eyes and Lips: Different Looks will be led by Chibbi Orduna and Liz Gates covering different techniques to make your eyes and lips pop. Register here!


Session 4: Makeup as Play and Creative Expression – 4/30/21  1 – 2 PM

Makeup as Play and Creative Expression will be led by Red and J showcasing ways to use makeup not just as a means to enhance features but as a form of artistic self-expression. Register here!

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