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Gender-Affirming Ban Bill, SB14, headed to the Governor’s Desk

May 19, 2023

Released: Thursday, May 18, 2023 11:30am
Contact: Robert Salcido, Jr., Executive Director,

Dear Community, 

It is with extreme disappointment, anger, and a heavy heart that we learn that SB14, a bill that prohibits physicians from providing best-practice, life-saving care for transgender youth, is being sent to Governor Abbott’s desk to be signed. This bill would also ban insurance companies from covering such treatments and ban public funds that go towards gender-affirming care.

Pride Center San Antonio recognizes these attacks that are under the guise of “protecting youth” are in fact harmful and a devastating setback to our community. Yet another coordinated attack on access to Texans’ healthcare as well as the health and well-being of all transgender people and those that care for and love them. 

The Center will follow the lead of our statewide partners to increase the visibility and awareness of the critical need for gender-affirming care and the severe consequences these attacks will have on our transgender and gender-expansive communities. 

To our transgender youth in San Antonio, across the State, and Nation, we see you, we affirm your authenticity, we love you, and will do all that we can to continue to support you.  

In love and solidarity,

Robert Salcido, Jr.
Executive Director 

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