Youth Empowerment

with Pride Conference

Pride Center's 1st Annual Youth Empowerment
with Pride Conference

The Pride Center is proud to provide LGBTQ+ youth of South Texas with a conference that will cover a variety of educational topics.

The conference is for youth 12-17 years of age and is free for all.
Lunch and snacks will be provided for attendees.

Location: Family Service Neighborhood Place 3014 Rivas Street, San Antonio, Texas, 78228

Date: Thursday, June 23rd from 9am - 4pm

Conference Topics

Matriarchal & queer leadership are fundamentally  embedded into Indigenous lifeways and teachings. This session explores how frontline Indigenous community groups, Kalpulli Ayolopaktzin, De Corazon Circles & Circles in da Hood have bolstered Indigenous frameworks to protect & uplift femme & queer led base building through Participatory Action Research and folklife. Laura Yohualtlahuiz Rios-Ramirez will share how their  communities engaged youth and families in grassroots led initiatives that are making the case for policy change and civic engagement through intertribal & intersectional kinship building.

This session will focus on inclusive sex education, consent and building the foundations of healthy relationships. Participants will also learn about local groups, initiatives, and organizations in South Texas communities providing LGBTQ+ health services aimed at addressing the local HIV epidemic.

Tech has an impact in our daily lives, not only physically, but mentally. In this campfire chat, we’ll be talking about just how our mental health has been affected personally by  technology. What are the tools we can implement to have a healthy sense of well being. 

Our community knows the pains and discrimination brought by close minded faith communities. This topic track will feature a panel of faith leaders with different beliefs who will discuss how people of faith can repair and build healthy relationships with LGBTQ+ youth and adults. 

We will be presenting an overview of basic financial products, concepts, and education, and the importance of properly  managing and understanding basic deposit and loan products.

This program will focus on building routines into rituals with an artistic and skincare specific lens.